Brave Daughters Shaved off Their Hair to Support Mom Who Was Battling Cancer

Cancer is a dreadful disease that brings excruciating anguish to those who are affected, ripping families apart in the process. However, one family grew closer as a result of hair – or the lack thereof.

Joanna McPherson, a mother and wife, was first diagnosed with CIS, an early type of breast cancer (ductal carcinoma in situ).

She was diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer, which is more aggressive, following the operation. As a result, unlike her prior cancer, it required chemotherapy, and her hair began to fall out.

Joanna McPherson with two of her children; 10-year-old Kayla and 7-year-old Sophia with an overlaid picture of Joanna McPherson with all her children and her husband Shawn McPherson. │Source: Edition


She cut off all her hair in an attempt to reclaim her power from the terrifying sickness. Kayla, 10, and Sophia, 7, were two of her four kids who wanted to support their mother by becoming bald. McPherson recalled what she had said to them, saying:

“‘I’m not sure you understand what you’re asking for.’ Your hair is a feature of your face…and other kids could tease you about it.'”

However, their determination was strengthened by their mother’s efforts to stop them, and in 2019, the family videotaped their father Shawn McPherson shaving his children’s magnificent locks.

Kayla’s father Shawn McPherson shaving her hair off. │Source: Edition


Both children were motivated to shave their heads by their mother’s ability to be a wonderful parent to them despite her own struggles. Sophia had this to say:

“I would do everything for my mother because she is my mother… she loves me and would do anything for me, so all I want to do is show her how I feel.”

McPherson believes that their expression of love was more than just a display of solidarity. Kayla and Sophia, she suspected, were also trying to cope with the reality of their mother’s illness.

Joanna McPherson having her hair shaved off. │Source: Edition


In any case, this mother was astounded by her daughter’s decision to undertake something so extraordinary. According to McPherson:

“We don’t have many opportunities in life to express ourselves with such large gestures… it’s good that we’re able to record it and share it with others.”

With shaved hair, this trio and their mother were suddenly three peas in a pod, appearing confident and elegant and more than ready to face whatever the future held.


McPherson’s children exemplify a strong family tie, with another mother, Melissa Short, also playing a role.

When her 8-year-old daughter Naomi began losing hair due to stage 4 brain cancer in 2020, she shaved herself to reassure her young kid that she was not alone.

Naomi, however, got support from the larger community in addition to her family. She raised $28,849 through a GoFundMe account she put up for herself.

In addition, the young girl was named an honorary Butler County deputy sheriff and received a vacation to Disney World, among other things. Gary Short, her father, stated:

“I’m not sure where we’d be if everyone hadn’t reached out with so much love and support.” It’s been incredible.”

We often overlook the fact that many more individuals than we know will go out of their way to help someone who is in need. The world is filled with far more beauty than most of us can grasp.


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