Woman Who Was Trolled As She Was ‘Too Ugly For Selfies’ Keeps On Posting Photos In Defiance

Online trolls warned Melissa Blake, a writer, that she was “too unattractive” to upload images of herself.

Needless to say, the insults, which occurred after she penned an article for CNN in 2019, devastated the young writer.

When the piece went up, a YouTuber posted Melissa’s photo, sparking outrage from hundreds of people. Melissa suffers with Freeman Sheldon syndrome, a condition marked by anomalies of the head and face, as well as malformations in the hands and feet. Among other things, the small girl was called a ‘blob fish’ and a ‘whale.’

Rather than succumbing to the vile trolls’ bullying, Melissa chose to take a stance in a totally unique way.

“During the previous round of trollgate, some stated that I should be barred from uploading images of myself because I’m too unattractive,” Melissa posted on Twitter. So I’d just want to take these three selfies to mark the event…”

Melissa’s post drew a lot of attention from Internet users, with many individuals coming to her rescue. She wasn’t done yet, though. Melissa went on to share a photo every day for a year after being told she was so unattractive she should be “barred” for taking selfies.

Melisa’s Instagram following has surged from 7,500 to 100,000 as a consequence. The 39-year-old also addressed issues such as disability alongside the photographs she shared each day. Melisa, according to Refinery29, said:

“They all had one thing in common: they all accurately expressed my personality and who I was.” Each one was a message as well as a celebration.”

“It’s a means of reclaiming my power and portraying disability in a more truthful light.” Because, you know, the one we’ve got now? It’s more 1950 than 2020, with a lot of stereotypes that portray handicapped people as burdens on society. On the contrary, we live complete lives, and I’m really proud of myself for being able to demonstrate that for a year.” she said.


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