Dad’s Plea For Son With Autism Who ‘Hasn’t 1 Friend’ Goes Viral And Birthday Wishes Pour In

The most lovely tale you will discover is a father’s passionate birthday wishes for his kid, and this one is sweeping the internet.

Daniel, Kevin Harrison’s kid, has autism, which implies he has preferred his own company over that of others for much of his short life.

A father’s plea for his autistic kid who “hasn’t had one friend” goes viral, and birthday greetings stream in. This tale reminds me of how lovely mankind can be as a mother of a child on the autism spectrum.

Daniel Harrison, Kevin Harrison’s kid, has a.u.t.i.s.m, which implies he has preferred his own company over that of others for most of his young life.

A father’s plea for his autistic kid, who ‘hasn’t had a single friend,’ goes viral, and birthday greetings come in. This tale reminds me of how lovely mankind can be as a mother with one kid on the autistic spectrum.

Dad Requests Son’s Heartfelt Birthday Greetings

Daniel Harrison, an autistic boy, recently put down two wishes, one of which was granted by his father.

Daniel’s father, Kevin Harrison, explained that due to his son’s autism, Daniel prefers to play alone. Daniel, in fact, never asked to play with his buddies during his whole youth.

Daniel, on the other hand, made a unique birthday wish this year. Daniel’s birthday desires were to learn to drive and make a few friends, so the request stunned and surprised his father, Kevin.

“Daniel’s my son,” Kevin said on Twitter in late September. Autistic to the core. There isn’t a single buddy. Today is his birthday. He mentioned in his ECHP that he wanted to learn to drive and make friends. Please send him greetings on his special day. Please make an effort to show him that you care. Please spread the word.

Kevin had no idea that his small act of kindness would go viral, garnering over 17,000 likes and a slew of touching birthday greetings. In reality, Daniel received thousands of well-wishes on his birthday.

Birthday greetings from all around the world pour in for an autistic son.

Kevin was startled when superstars like Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone, and Ariel Winter joined the chorus of birthday greetings. The majority of the birthday greetings came from fellow parents of autistic children.

Kindness is the best option.

As the comments, images, and birthday greetings continued to flood in, Kevin pondered why such a simple request had elicited such a large reaction. “People want to be liked, don’t they?” Kevin realized. People aspire to be well-liked. “It’s a universal emotion,” he explained.

I completely agree. We were born with the desire to love and be loved. This anecdote demonstrates that we are never alone, and that showing a little compassion and kindness to others doesn’t take much. It only goes to show that no matter how unlike we are, we are never alone.

“Don’t ever feel like you’re alone,” Kevin remarked, referring to Daniel’s learning to “drive” through Nintendo’s Mario Cart game. Because that’s how I felt, and I’m sure other families will as well. You’re not the only one who feels this way. Simply said, people adore you.”


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