Young Single Teacher Adopting Her Former Student And His Brother Pays Off Over $48,000 In Debt

When she was granted custody of the two boys, this teacher spent all of her funds on legal expenses and amassed debt in order to care for them.

Chelsea Haley, a 29-year-old single mother from Marietta, Georgia, is celebrating becoming debt-free five years after adopting a former pupil and his younger sibling. She reported that she paid off $48,683 in student loan and credit card debt by working a variety of part-time jobs in addition to her full-time teaching position. “It doesn’t feel real yet,” Haley said. “It’s incredible.” ‘Cleared,’ it said when I logged into my student loans. ‘There is no equilibrium.’ The achievement is all the sweeter for the 29-year-old because it now allows her to focus on her two boys, Jerome, 17, and Jace, 6.

When Haley was 22, she was single and working as a fourth-grade teacher in Louisiana when she met Jerome, who was a student in her class. This mom sought for methods to assist the little child who had been suspended from school and was failing academically. “After exhausted all of my classroom tools, I concluded the only way to reach Jerome was to get to know him and just create a connection,” she remarked in 2018.
“I began spending a lot of time with him outside of school, attending to his football and basketball events, just hanging out with him at home, getting school supplies and food, and all of that.”

Jerome, at 12 years old, asked Haley if he could live with her not long after. She was given full custody of Jerome and his younger brother Jace after two months. After that, Haley legally adopted the boys with the blessing of their biological mother. Jerome became an honor roll student because to Haley’s kind mentoring. “I don’t believe there are enough words to truly explain how amazing it feels to celebrate all of Jerome’s successes,” the pleased mother remarked.
“It simply goes to demonstrate that he’s always had the ability to succeed; all he needed was the right support and self-confidence.” “I’m simply really proud of him.”

“Being their mom is the greatest blessing of my life,” Haley continued. I get to hug two tiny boys when I get up in the morning.” She said that when she sought custody of the two boys, she spent all of her funds on legal bills and incurred debt to care for them. Haley took on side jobs to help pay off her debt, which was mostly made up of delayed college loans. “I was tutoring a couple of days a week on top of being a teacher,” she explained. She was also paid extra to work as the building manager and remain late at the school on Fridays.

On November 6, this kind teacher delivered groceries, sold her home, and moved back in with her parents to pay off every single penny. “It allows me to focus on the boys’ future,” she explained.
“I’m putting money aside for them instead of squandering it on my past.” When Haley shared some debt-relief advice, she emphasized the significance of keeping track of your spending patterns and sticking to a budget. “Finances may be daunting,” she said, “and it’s simpler to say, ‘It’s out of sight, out of mind.”
“Make a list of all your objectives, starting with the high-interest debt you want to pay off. Look through your paycheck and see what you’re spending your money on.”

“Consider extra sources of income, if your schedule allows,” Haley suggested. “Learn to say no to some money-spending behaviors,” says the author. “Knowing you’ll have a lot more freedom after it’s paid off,” she added, is the key to keeping motivated.


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