Teen Cheerleader Misses Navy Dad But Doesn’t Know He’s Standing Behind Her

When a loved one is required to travel far from home, the time you do spend together becomes even more precious. As you become older, you enjoy the time you spend with your parents or children even more. This is especially true for military families who are deployed for extended periods of time. Kendall Williams had not seen her father in seven months, so when he was given 24 hours to visit his family in 2012, he knew he wanted to do something special for her.

Kendall was a cheerleader at Erwin High School in Asheville, North Carolina, at the time. In October 2012, she was performing with her squad at a football game, and she most certainly wanted her father could be there. He was standing just behind her, camouflaged amid the color guard, she had no idea.

Petty Officer Dale Williams was introduced by the stadium and began walking onto the field. Kendall assumed they were honoring her father as an alumnus when she heard his name. Kendall didn’t comprehend what was going on until she heard her father scream her name from behind her. She put her arms around him and both of them began to cry.

The scene was quite moving. Dale, a Navy diver, was on leave and stationed at Guantanamo Bay for a brief time. Kendall had only recently started high school in 2012, and her father didn’t want her to miss a football game. Continue reading to find out more about this touching reunion.

Kendall found it extremely difficult to endure seven months without seeing her father. “Nobody can understand,” she remarked about missing her father, according to the Daily Mail. Nobody understands how important he is to me.” Kendall is a fantastic daughter, according to Dale, and they have a great relationship.

Dale had a difficult time in the days building up to the surprise. He admitted, “I don’t think I slept for three days because of the excitement.”

Dale also revealed that he was trembling with excitement as he prepared to surprise Kendall on the field. Her expression when she first saw her father was priceless.

Dale was so excited to see Kendall that he traveled such a long distance for only a 24-hour stay. “I’ll be gone for longer than I’ll be here,” he predicted. “However, it is worthwhile.” This little lady is a daddy’s girl. She’s 14 years old and my entire world.”

Kendall’s surprise has been viewed nearly 45,000 times on YouTube. Many users shared their childhood memories of growing up in a military family. “Nothing hurts our hearts more than having our parent deployed for a lengthy period of time… it’s hard… and nothing melts our hearts more than that hug after months of a parent being overseas,” one individual commented.

The video’s reception has also been incredibly poignant. Many people have been moved to tears by it, and it has touched the hearts of viewers all across the world. “I can’t believe she had that type of resolve to see her father after such a long time and then complete her assignment,” another commenter wrote. Beautiful.”


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