Woman Asks If She Was Wrong For Refusing To Share Food With Housemate’s 6-Year-Old

It might be challenging to live with roommates at times. It can be difficult to figure out each other’s boundaries and how much time to spend with one other, especially when everyone has their own life and issues to deal with. One woman who lives in a shared property discovered that having roommates can be particularly difficult when one of them has a child.

Back in February 2021, an anonymous woman went to Reddit’s AITA thread to discuss her issue and seek advice from other Reddit members. She lives in a spacious house with three different apartments; nevertheless, several of the main living areas, such as the kitchen, dining room, and guest bathroom, are shared spaces. When it came to one of her housemates called Cody, the original poster (OP) was experiencing some personal space concerns. OP was curious as to whether she was correct in refusing to share her food with Cody’s 6-year-old son Dean.

Because the kitchen is a shared space in the house, OP would frequently run into the child while cooking, but she was taken aback when he asked if she could cook for him as well. This not only made OP uncomfortable, but it also made her feel like it wasn’t her responsibility to feed the child. She continued to remind the young kid that it was his father’s obligation to look after him, but this just served to exacerbate tensions in the joint household.

OP began her Feb. 15, 2021 Reddit post by stating that she has lived in the house for three years. Judy and Marc, a middle-aged couple, lived in Apartment 1A, while Cody, 29, and his son lived in Apartment 2B. OP noted that, despite being a communal living area, the kitchen was equipped with three lockable refrigerators and locking cupboards with unit numbers labeled on them.

Cody had taken full custody of Dean around two weeks before to the Reddit post, and had even introduced him to OP.

“The kid seems like a lot, but he’s incredibly lovely,” OP wrote. “The apartments are very soundproofed, but if I open the windows by the yard, I can hear him running around outside.” Fortunately, the child was well-behaved and courteous, so OP didn’t have much of a problem with him.

When it came time to eat, though, that seemed to alter. OP added that whenever she went to the kitchen to prepare food for herself, Dean would follow her and beg if he may eat part of it. “When I tell him no, he’ll say, ‘But I’m hungry,'” OP explained. I’ve told him he needs to speak with his father.”

Despite the fact that Dean did what he was told, his father was not pleased and even requested OP to make him something to eat. “I’ve informed Cody that this makes me feel uneasy,” the OP wrote. “I’m not going to feed his child.” I also buy food with a meal plan in mind, and the items aren’t cheap.”

Dean was keen to spend time with OP and go to her for entertainment, even if he wasn’t trying to steal any of her food, but OP continued to advise him to go find his father instead. “I have warned him, ‘Knock only if there is someone hurt or in danger,” OP stated. Knock if you’re harmed. ‘However, as nice as you are, I am not your mother, so please locate your father.’

OP’s boyfriend came over with pizza and snacks to celebrate Valentine’s Day early in February 2021. Dean was watching TV in the living room when he noticed the couple with their pizza and became ecstatic, only to be disappointed when he realized it wasn’t for him. Dean inquired as to whether he may spend time with OP and her partner, but she declined. “Dean appeared to be crying and returned to his residence,” she explained.

Many Redditors agreed that OP was not being rude by refusing to share her lunch with Cody’s son, and that Cody was the one who was wrong in expecting OP to cater to Dean’s every whim.


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