Heartwarming Moment: Boy Suddenly Crawls into Stranger’s Arms at Football Game. Boy’s Aunt Hunts Her Down With Powerful Facebook Post

Regardless of color, religion, or politics, it’s amazing when the foreign lady uses her own arms to be Jesus’ hands to the kid. With a dramatic Facebook post, the boy’s aunt tracks her down.

Angela is said to be the name of this odd woman. Isaiah’s aunt thought it was over until a little kid called Isaiah approached her at a football game for a 20-minute talk. But what this aunt didn’t expect was the touching reunion that occurred two weeks later when her nephew ran into his newfound pal.

“I believed their interaction would be the same as last time but I was incorrect,” wrote Star Balloon-Bradley.

“Isaiah smiled as he moved up to her, got on her lap, and rested his head on her shoulder. He was greeted with wide arms by her. As if Isaiah had been born, this lady stroked and rocked him to sleep. It was the cutest thing!!”

Star Balloon-Bradley was so moved by the altruistic deed of a stranger who had no qualms about their racial differences that she couldn’t help but post her tale on Facebook in the hopes of locating the woman who had treated Isaiah so well.

Since then, the post has been shared over 300,000 times.

Mrs. Angela, whose Christ-like response to the attention is even more charming, was thankfully found.

Here’s the whole thing on Facebook:

“I’m not sure who this person is, but if you do, tell her she’s amazing.” At our final home game two weeks ago, Isaiah approached this lady. He got on her knee and began conversing with her as if they were old friends. It was only around 20 minutes long. She, on the other hand, left shortly after halftime to meet up with her little daughter.

Let us fast forward to tonight… Isaiah saw her not long after we sat down at the game. He made his way up to her after she waved. I assumed their interaction would be the same as the last time, but I was mistaken. Isaiah smiled as he moved up to her, slid on her lap, and rested his head on her shoulder. He was greeted with wide arms by her. As if Isaiah had been born, this lady stroked and rocked him to sleep. It was the cutest thing!!

We inquired if she wanted us to pick him up, but she insisted that she (and him) were OK!! Except for those 20 minutes at a game two weeks ago, Isaiah and this lady have never met. I apologized to her tonight and said that I don’t understand why he continues to annoy her. She answered that he was no problem and that she would not say anything like that again.

He was her new pal, she explained. She went on to remark that she only has one 15-year-old child, and that times like these are precious!!! With all of the current racial tensions, I’m delighted to see photos like this because it shows that race doesn’t matter to many people. It certainly doesn’t!! Arguing over trivial matters makes us forget about the basic pleasures of life. I’m sorry I didn’t get her name, but I’ll remember it for the next game because I’m sure Isaiah will find her. I adore her and have never met her!

We’ve figured out who she is now. Mrs. Angela is her name. You guys, she’s such a sweetheart! It’s incredible how God brings people together for various reasons!!

This is her response to learning that I had shared this photo for her:

‘All glory, honor, and acclaim be to God! Today, when I read the post Star Balloon-Bradley posted, I was overcome with emotion. The lovely comments that have been uttered to me have humbled me. Isaiah is a total sweetheart! I pray that others will see Jesus in all of this and realize how great His love is, since that is how I want to love and live my life. I’m not deserving, but He is!’ -Angela

2nd Update: I appreciate your warm compliments! I’m overjoyed that this photo has brought so much joy to so many individuals. I’d also like to point out that I’m his aunt, and his mother’s name is Thameka S. Miller. Thank you once again! “May the goodwill continue to grow!”


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