Mother Found Out Her Twins Have Down Syndrome – In The Third Trimester She Made A Decision That Changed Her Life Forever

After remarrying, Julie McConnell was eager to begin her new life. She already had three children from a previous marriage, and after giving birth to a son, she and her new husband Dan decided to try for a girl.

Julie, on the other hand, discovered during their ordeal that life may be unpredictable once again. She was expecting twins when she became pregnant.

Julie and Dan were certain that they would pass all of the crucial tests because the likelihood of a woman giving birth to a kid with Down Syndrome increases to 1 in 100 after the age of 40. They learnt after some time that the male twins would be born with Down syndrome.

Julie, who was 45 at the time, believed that having two children with special needs would be too much for her. Instead, Sarah and Dan used a countrywide adoption network for children with Down Syndrome to find a family willing to adopt the twins.

Julie and Dan found themselves repeatedly rejecting the signing of the adoption forms that would have made the adoption legal after locating a new family for their sons.

“We wanted to take a test on ourselves and think about it some more,” Julie explained, “so we contacted a local Down Syndrome group.”

“They were having a picnic, so we walked over and met some of the great families who shared their stories with us.”

At the picnic, the family came to the decision that they had let fear to get in the way of their plans to extend their family.

“You will always love your children. It was a simple decision for us when we eventually determined we couldn’t allow fear get in the way of our goals “, Julie explained.

Despite everything, they opted to abandon the kids in the third trimester. Julie and Dan can’t picture their life without Milo and Charlie, who were born healthy and happy.

“When I saw them, my heart sprang out of my breast. They were able to reclaim my heart “, Julie explained. “It’s difficult to picture a world without them. If we hadn’t opted to leave them, I believe I would have missed them every day “..

We were moved to tears by it. All of the children deserve a shot in life, and we’re grateful Julie and Dan chose to leave Milo and Charlie behind.

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