Kind Grocery Bagger Held Umbrella And Walked Elderly Woman To Her Car In The Rain

During a hail storm, when an elderly woman couldn’t get to her car with her groceries, a compassionate young supermarket bagger carried an umbrella and accompanied her all the way to her car.

When it began to rain and hail for a long time, Aaron Sanders was bagging groceries at Ingles Market in North Carolina.

He observed an old woman with a basket of goods standing by the entrance, peering out into the rain. After some time had passed, Aaron approached the woman and asked if he could assist her in getting to her car securely. She respectfully declined, stating that she did not want him to get wet.

“I asked her if I could assist her out a few of times and she said no,” Aaron recalled. “She stated she didn’t want you to get wet.”

The old woman had been waiting for quite some time, and the rain did not appear to be abating. Her frozen items, on the other hand, were progressively melting. Aaron stated that he didn’t mind getting wet and preferred to assist her.

“I simply said I’d rather help you out, and she said OK,” Aaron explained.

Aaron shielded the woman with an umbrella as they went to her car in the rain. The rain was so heavy that the old woman wrapped her arm over Aaron to keep them both dry. Violet Baiera, a coworker, witnessed his gesture of compassion and snapped a snapshot of the two walking to her car.

They arrived at her vehicle, and Aaron assisted her in loading her goods. However, the wind flipped Aaron’s umbrella inside out as soon as she got inside her car, soaking his clothing. He ultimately made it back to the store, drenched, and was met with cheers from several of the customers who had been watching.

“I wouldn’t expect Aaron to be any different. Pat Bowmen, the manager of Ingles Market, said, “He’s a terrific child.”

When asked afterwards by the media why he assisted the elderly woman, Aaron answered it was all because of his mother.

“She’s always been there for me and looked after me. Even if she didn’t eat that night, she always made sure I was nourished. As a result, I hold her in high regard. He stated, “She is the reason I am what I am… therefore all credit goes to her.”


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