Walking 14 MILES A DAY To And From Work, Waitress Was Giftted A Car By The Kind Couple She Served

Adrianna Edwards, a WAITRESS, has expressed her gratitude after a generous couple she served purchased her a brand new automobile after learning she walked 14 miles to and from work every day.

Adrianna Edwards’ daily commute from her house to the Denny’s restaurant where she worked in Galveston, Texas, was said to take more than four hours.

According to CNN, that all changed when two kind diners surprised Adrianna with a new Nissan automobile.

“I still feel as if I’m dreaming,” Adrianna said. “Every two hours, I come peek out my window to see whether there’s still a car there.”

Adrianna had been conversing with the pair when she generously offered them free additional ice cream with their meal.

After learning about her arduous drive, the couple who prefer to stay anonymous left the restaurant and returned just hours later with a new motor for her.

Server is overworked. Adrianna was putting money aside to buy a secondhand automobile, which would make her commute much easier.

Her efforts, however, were impeded by prohibitive expenditures.

“I’ve got bills to pay.” I need to eat.

She told CNN, “You’ve got to do what you’ve had to do.”

When she walked to work on Tuesday, she had no clue she’d be driving back in a brand new 2011 Nissan Sentra.

She may now spend the money she had set aside to begin college considerably sooner than she had anticipated.

Her journey time has been reduced from over four hours to only 30 minutes.

The woman who bought the automobile said of Adrianna’s reaction, “She teared up, which made me pleased because she was so impacted by it.”

Adrianna was just asked to pay the good act forward and thank other individuals in her life in exchange for the automobile.

“When I see someone in need, I’ll probably be more likely to assist them out (and) to do whatever I can to help them out,” Adrianna concurred.


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