Homeless Man Returning $10k Check To Owner Is Repaid With A House And Training

Even when one man with little came across a life-changing sum of money, he didn’t hesitate to do the right thing and return it to its rightful owner.

Elmer Alvarez, a homeless guy from New Haven, Connecticut, discovered the $10,000 check.

Elmer had been dealt a bad hand in life and could have done whatever he wanted with the check, but this man chose to return it to its rightful owner.

His honesty was eventually what led him down a road that would transform his life for the better.

Roberta Hoskie, a real estate agent, was said to be the owner of the funds. This individual misplaced the check near a major junction and didn’t know it was missing until the next day.

When Elmer discovered the check, the first thing that sprang to mind was, “I’ve got to find this individual.”

He stated that he had not considered cashing it for himself.

“It never entered my mind because I took the decision to change my life over,” Elmer explained. “I’ve been clean for three years,” says the narrator.

When Roberta learned that the check had been returned, she was eager to track down Elmer and personally thank him.

“I anticipated to find a lovely, clean-shaven guy in a blue suit,” she stated.

Instead, she received Elmer, who had brought along a buddy since his English wasn’t very good, and who informed Roberta that Elmer was homeless.

“It destroyed prejudices,” Roberta added.

This homeless man sobbed when Roberta handed him a check as a thank-you gift.

Roberta streamed her encounter with Elmer on Facebook Live in the hopes of debunking stereotypes about homeless people.

Roberta, a teen mother who lived in a shelter with just $400 a month to care for herself and her kid, is said to have a special understanding of homeless people.

This woman was able to work her way out of poverty and now owns a multimillion-dollar real estate firm.

Roberta has also lent a hand to Elmer in the year since they met. She not only got him an apartment and paid his rent for seven months, but she also enrolled him in real estate school so that he could join her firm as an employee.

They intend to construct a transitional home for homeless teens and young adults. This location will deliver the services that Elmer described as essential.

“I know what it’s like to be homeless,” he remarked. Nobody deserves to be treated that way.”


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