Kind Husband Stands For SIX HOURS On Flight So That Wife Can Sleep Well

This man stood for 6 hours during a long trip while his wife slept. People on the internet are split by the popular tweet.

According to reports, an entrepreneur named Courtney Lee Johnson shared a photo of a man who chose to stand on the plane for 6 hours as his wife reclined across three seats. “This husband stood up for the entire six hours so his wife could sleep,” the post said. That, my friends, is love.”

As can be seen in the photo, a middle-aged man is standing in the aisle and holding on to the seats for support. His wife, on the other hand, appeared to be fast sleeping on the seat. The tweet went viral almost instantly, receiving hundreds of likes and retweets. Hundreds of others who replied on the tweet, on the other hand, were split.

Some individuals evaluated the image critically and discussed if it should be viewed as a selfish or unselfish gesture.

Some agreed with Johnson’s perspective, but others slammed it as poisonous and self-serving. “I can’t let my man stand for even 10 minutes,” one lady complained. I’d almost certainly sleep on his laps, which would be much more pleasant.

Alternatively, sit correctly in the chair. “What makes you think you’d let your man stand for six hours?” “Not love, but exploitation,” one person tweeted. She could have just sat on his lap and rested her head. “Extremely impolite.”

Some people, though, believed it may be appropriate if the lady was ill. “Unless she’s unwell and this is the only rest posture that would keep her alive in the circumstances,” one added. If not, it’s complete nonsense!!!” Another poster stated that if his wife was sick, he would do it for her. “It’s possible that his wife was travelling to or from therapy,” one man speculated. I’d do it if it was my wife,” says the author.

Here are a few additional thoughts:

“Perhaps she threw him out as a punishment for anything he did before to the flight,”

In reality: *man returns from the restroom to find his wife sleeping* Man: “WTF, Seriously?”

What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on this?


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