Young Plane Passenger Gives His First-class Seat To 88-year-old Stranger Making Her Dream Come True

The altruistic co-passenger changed seats with an elderly woman so she might enjoy the luxuries of his first-class accommodations.

Leah Amy, a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant, just saw firsthand why this season is regarded as “the season of giving.” Despite the fact that she has met a number of renowned supermodels, athletes, and celebrities throughout her time as a Virgin hostess, it was an unexpected pair of casual passengers who left a lasting effect on her.

Since being uploaded on Facebook, the post has been shared about a thousand times, touching the hearts of many netizens who commended Jack’s unselfish act.

One person remarked, “Amazing young dude. The airline owes you a first-class ticket on your future trip. I’m honored to have you as my grandson.”

“Such a nice story… are a good Man to do this for her,” said another.


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