Woman Who Gave Birth To World-Record NONUPLETS Says ‘It Was Like An Endless Stream Of Babies Coming Out Of Me!’

A 26-year-old lady who gave birth to nonuplets set a global record has described how she and her husband go through six liters of milk and 100 nappies every day.

Halima Cisse gave birth to nine infants at the Ain Borja clinic in Morocco, beating the previous world record of eight established by Nadya Suleman.

In an interview from the hospital, she remarked, “It was a great shock when I found out I was carrying nine kids since I thought it was going to be seven.”

“There were so many questions running through my thoughts when the kids were being born.” Cisse said, “I was quite aware of what was going on, and it appeared like there was an infinite stream of babies flowing out of me.”

“My sister was holding my hand, but all I could think about was how I was going to care for them and who was going to assist me.”

The mother-of-ten, who spoke while watching her nine infants in incubators, claimed they are fed every two hours, consume six liters of milk each day, and get health checks every three hours.

The Malian government covered the expense of treating the nonuplets, which came to $1.39 million.

Within a month of giving birth, Cisse reported she ran out of breast milk. Her children will have to stay in the hospital for a few more months for treatment.

“It’s a lot of effort, and I’m still exhausted,” she said. “My pregnancy was quite stressful, and I’m in desperate need of rest.”

“Having one child is difficult enough, but having nine is unfathomable.” The amount of labor that goes into caring for them is incredible. I’m grateful to the medical staff for all their efforts, as well as the Mali government for sponsoring this.”

“It was a great experience,” her husband, Kader Arby, said. “I simply offer gratitude to God that they have survived and that their health, as well as my wife’s, is improving.” I was speechless when I first saw them, and it’s been tough to process anything.”

Souda, the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, is the couple’s other child.


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