Picture Of A Little Girl Leaves Internet Users Dumbfounded: Can You Solve This Optical Illusion?

Thousands of people were left perplexed by a snapshot of a little child, who couldn’t comprehend what had happened to her legs.

The mind-boggling image was instantly posted on Facebook and became viral.

People were perplexed and concerned until they figured out what was causing the girl’s strangely slender and lengthy legs.

“Oh my gosh, I was thinking she was so tiny…… then her boot fell off…… took me a good two minutes, haha,” said one woman.

Thousands of people were perplexed by the popular photo because they couldn’t see the bag.

“I thought to myself, Lord, this poor youngster is way FINALLY, her little hands drew my attention. Y’all! “I’m in a bad mood!” another person wrote.

“Cleaned my glasses, enlarged the photo, and got it!” Whoa!”

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the small girl is clutching a bag of popcorn that blends in perfectly with the background, creating the ideal illusion.

“OK, it took a long time for me to figure it out. I continued staring at it, wondering to myself, “What the hell?” and everyone was yelling pop corn, but I couldn’t see it…. eventually, after about 10 minutes, I shouted, “Oh crap, there it is!” One woman wrote, “You got me good.”

“Popcorn that has been camouflaged!!!!!” Another participant stated, “These are the periods when we come to recognize ourselves as having compassion and concern for fellow creatures.”

“Didn’t see the popcorn until it was larger; was wondering what caused her legs to be so atrophied!” said another.

“It’s the same for me!!!” Wow, she has boney legs and a leg gap, I thought. “Then I saw the pop corn,” said another Facebook user.

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