Can You Put Your Logic To The Test & Help Find The Robber Amongst The Others?

We’re presenting yet another perplexing problem that has folks scratching their heads as to what the solution may be.

Before we get started, we’d like to point you that getting the answer at first look is not simple. But we’re confident that if you concentrate hard enough, you’ll be able to crack the code.

Now it’s your turn to play detective and use your logical skills to solve this mystery! Can you find out who the thief is amid the crowd?

Despite the fact that their names all begin with the letter L, each of these men is distinct. Only one of the following people is guilty of stealing a watch, and we’re counting on you to figure out who it is.

The trick to becoming a real puzzle warrior is to keep trying until you succeed.

Look down for the solution if you’re ready!







The robber is Liu, and he is the one who is responsible! To learn more about why, read on!

Here’s why the others can’t be accused of wrongdoing: Lou’s headgear is striped in a zigzag pattern. Because of the hook, Lo is unable to carry a weapon, whereas La has a mustache that looks to be down. Lee’s hand is also bandaged, making it impossible for him to steal. Liu is the last one left!


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