Viral Video: 107-year-old Mother Gives Candy To 87-year-old Daughter

A 107-year-old mother feeds her 84-year-old daughter chocolates, and her reaction goes viral.

No matter how old we become, we will always be young kids to our moms.

Proving this is the nicest occurrence of an 84-year-old great-grandmother who grinned like a small girl after receiving a treat from her 106-year-old mother, which went popular on social media a few days ago.

Though the video depicts a basic gesture of a mother handing a sweet to her kid, it is the women’s ages and emotions that add to the clip’s feel-good effect.

The footage was uploaded on Twitter by People’s Daily China. “The happiest kid on the planet!” The description reads, “A 107-year-old mother gave her 84-year-old daughter a piece of candy she brought back after a wedding ceremony.”

Take a look at this film, which brilliantly illustrates the core of the mother-daughter bond:


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