Here’s The Real Story Behind The Viral Photo That Made The Mom Mocked Online

After being chastised online after a guy shared a photo of her on Facebook without her permission, the mother in the photo has retaliated.

Molly Lensing and her two-month-old baby were stranded in a Colorado airport back in 2016.

A male passerby took it upon himself to share a picture of the mother and kid on Facebook after hours of delays and several rebookings.

Molly is seen in this shot sitting with her smartphone in hand and her kid laying at her feet on a blanket.

“Albert Einstein stated, ‘I fear the day when technology will take on our humanity…'” the guy captioned the photo. ‘A generation of fools will inhabit the earth.’

Molly took the brunt of the backlash once the photo went viral.

As a result, others publicly chastised and humiliated her for leaving her infant on the floor.

Worse, this mother only learned about the photo after it had been shared 65,000 times.

Molly was unwittingly victimized by strangers who had no idea what was going on. They made fun of her for “ignoring” her child.

Molly eventually spoke up not long after…

“Unfortunately, we were stranded in the thick of the Delta computer shut-down,” she explained.

When the shot was taken, the weary mother placed the newborn on the floor to stretch. She was also attempting to get in touch with her anxious relatives to let them know about the delay.

Her flights were repeatedly delayed and rescheduled, and she spent 20 hours in airports with her two-month-old baby Anastasia.

“Anastasia had been held or in her carrier for several hours,” she stated. “My arms were worn out. She needed to get some exercise. And I had to speak with the rest of the family, who were all wondering where we were.”

Most of the time, the mother claimed she can ignore harsh comments made at her, but there are occasions when the picture haunts her.

She said that she is powerless in the face of the internet. Her major goal is to be the greatest mother she can be to her daughters, and she is certain that she is cherishing and nurturing them to the best of her ability.



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