Man Shows His Gratitude For The Woman Nurturing Him For 44 Years And The Moving Story Behind

Edith Decoud opened her door on January 6, 1977, to see a newborn on her doorstep.

Edith was just 27 years old when she discovered the infant outside her home, wrapped in blankets and clothing. She was taken aback by the discovery, but she didn’t hesitate to embrace the infant boy and adopt him as her own.

The infant was just 3 days old when Edith discovered him. She was married and had a son in Paraguay at the time. In such a scenario, she welcomed this vulnerable and undesired infant named David into her life.

The doctors told her that the baby was only 3 days old and from that day on she began celebrating his birthday on January 3 every year.

Accordingly, David grew up in the Villa Morra neighborhood of Asunción, with his parents and his older brother, surrounded by the love and security that he deserved.

However, when children started teasing him because his skin was different from his parents, he started asking questions. At the age of 12, his mom told him that she had chosen him at a hospital not wanting to burden him with his true birth story at such a young age.

It wasn’t until David was 24 that he learned the complete truth at a family barbecue. Instead of being angry at his parents for not telling him the truth, he had the respect for them.

David is now a successful sound engineer who looks after his mother after his father passed away. According to, he said “I constantly tell her (his mother) how much I love her and how grateful I am that she took a chance for me,” he says.

“Thanks to my father and mother, who were my earthly angels, I am who I am.” The 44-year-old went on to say.



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