Baby Girl Abandoned In Plastic Bag In The Forest Now Has Over A 1000 People Wanting To Give Her A Home

“She’s gaining weight and a lot of smiles.” She’s a sweet little thing who enjoys being cuddled and singing to…” This baby’s life may have been different if it hadn’t been for three sisters who heard her cry.

She may have been abandoned by her family, but that didn’t stop more than a thousand individuals from all around the world from wanting to welcome her into their homes and hearts.

The baby girl, informally known as Baby India, was discovered wrapped in a plastic bag in the midst of a forested area in Forsyth County, Georgia, only an hour after she was born. Three adolescent sisters were in the woods at the same time, hearing a weird cry that they initially mistook for an animal. One of the three sisters, Kayla Ragatz, said, “We grabbed our flashlights and we’re driving around and we’re like, ‘That doesn’t sound like an animal.”

They raced back home and informed their father, Alan Ragatz, that they had heard a baby cry, but even he was skeptical. “I thought to myself, ‘That’s got to be impossible.’ He told WSB-TV, “It’s a newborn raccoon, deer, or anything.” They were directed to a location that was heaped high with leaves and sticks and had a bath mat as they followed the sound. “As we got closer, we realized it was a baby sobbing,” Kayla explained.

“We went down and yanked it back up. We phoned 911 because there was a sad tiny infant wrapped in a plastic bag,” Alan explained. “She was still alive.” We saw it as a positive indication that she was sobbing. It could’ve been a lot worse. My girls deserve all of the credit. They were the ones who persisted.”

The sisters think they were led to the right place at the right time by a “act of God.” Kayla described the experience as “terrifying and frightening.” “All of our brains were racing with fear. We were all in tears.”

When the cops came and ripped open the plastic bag, the officer couldn’t help but apologize to the lovely baby for being heartlessly abandoned in the middle of the woods when she could have been wrapped in a warm blanket in her parent’s arms.

They discovered the small infant, who was drenched in blood and still had her umbilical chord attached. In the footage, one officer, Deputy Terry Roper, can be seen apologizing to the infant as he removes her from the plastic bag. “Take a good look at you, darling. He may be heard saying, “I’m very sorry.” “At first, I assume it was because I opened the bag in the baby’s face,” he replied later when asked about it. But, at the time, all I was doing was apologizing for the circumstance. I was sorry she’d been abandoned and dumped.”

The small infant even curled her little arm around one of the officers’ fingers, and it pained everyone there to think that someone could do such a thing to a newborn, especially because several of those present were parents.

The infant was transported to the hospital and has since recovered completely. “It is, without a doubt, divine intervention that this youngster was recovered,” Sheriff Ron Freeman said. We’d be having a different debate if it weren’t for these citizens.”

According to People, the police later stated, “We are glad to announce that Baby India is prospering and is in the care of the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services.”

“From that moment on, I could see she simply needed love,” Deputy Terry Roper told FOX 5. Hundreds of individuals are now willing to adore her and provide her with a home. Baby India has received an outpouring of affection, with over 1,000 individuals offering to adopt her from all around the world. Baby India was placed in the custody of the county’s

Division of Family and Children Services, and an inquiry was launched to find out who had put her in such a bad condition.

“It’s remarkable the amount of individuals trying to start a new family,” Sheriff Freeman said, “and we got someone who tried to throw one away.”

According to KTLA, she is currently in a “great protective home right now,” according to Tom Rawlings, head of the state Division of Family and Children Services. “She’s gaining weight and smiling a lot,” says the narrator. “She’s a happy baby who enjoys being held and singing to, and she’s doing well now.”

People are hoping that she will not be affected by the tragedy as she gets older, especially because she was so little when it occurred. “Children are incredibly resilient at this age,” Rawlings added. Baby India still has a chance at a normal, happy existence and the opportunity to grow up in a loving environment. “Even a person born into a tragic situation can have a long and meaningful life,” he continued.

There are, however, some abandoned newborns who, like Baby India, were discovered too late. Officials are attempting to educate the public on the fact that leaving a child is not the only choice available to parents who are unable to raise their children due to financial constraints or unable to provide a safe environment for the child to grow up in.

“All too frequently, newborns are abandoned in such deplorable circumstances. We’ve seen infants abandoned in toilets and other dreadful conditions,” Rawlings added, describing Baby India’s story as “nothing short of a miracle.” They are hoping that people would not leave their child and will instead have the compassion to seek alternative options and allow their child to find a secure and loving home.


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