5-Yr-Old Sweetly Invites His Entire Kindergarten Class To Courtroom Hearing To Celebrate His Adoption

Michael Orlando Clark Jr., who is five years old, was so happy to be adopted and find his forever home that he asked his whole kindergarten class to the adoption hearing to celebrate with him; and his entire class was able to attend.

During the hearing, one of his classmates declared to the court, “My name is Steven, and Michael is my best friend.”

At a Grand Rapids adoption event, Michael met his beautiful new parents, David Eaton and Andrea Melvin, and the two decided that Michael was the son they had been looking for. Michael was one of 37 children who were joyfully and formally welcomed into their new homes at the Kent Michigan County Courthouse on adoption day.

Michael’s entire beautiful class and teacher came to support him on his adoption day. Throughout the event, his pals sat waving paper hearts and were given the opportunity to identify themselves and express their love for Michael.

“We started the school year together as a family,” she explained. “Family does not have to be DNA since it is about love and support.”

When it came time for Michael and his new parents to complete the adoption, they brought the gavel down jointly, erupting in laughter, clapping, and love in the courtroom.

Judge Patricia Gardner hears a lot of adoption cases, and she was touched to see how supportive his kindergarten classmates were of adorable little Michael.

“Their trips have been quite long at times,” she explained. “They’ve featured miracles and transformation for the children and family, as well as amazing community support, as you can see in Michael’s adoption hearing today.”

Her heart was greatly moved by the experience.

“His whole kindergarten class and school are here to say ‘we love you,’ ‘we support you,’ and ‘we will be here not only today, but for all the years to come,’” she added.

“I love my daddy,” Michael said outside the courthouse, expressing his feelings for his new father. “I love him so much,” David said many times, tearing up and tenderly hugging his baby. Adoption is a life-changing experience for everyone involved, and this family’s love is palpable.

Thousands of people were thrilled to watch Michael’s adoption unfold in such a lovely way.

“Today I adopted my newborn boy!” T. Moore said, “I’m so pleased to see this family!”

“This morning, I got to witness two adoptions, and it was some of the most moving moments I’ve ever observed,” Jake S. said.

Kate M. commented, “There is so much love for one person.”

“Congratulations to the teacher, school, and family on a job well done!” “Wow!” said Charlie M.

“What a fortunate young child he is. But the parents are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful child. “How beautiful!” George L. expressed his thoughts.

“As an adopted child, this is fantastic!!! I’m very pleased the judges let them make it unique!!” Michelle G contributed to the conversation.

While the adoption process can sometimes make children feel different from their classmates, Michael will remember his adoption as a joyful event that demonstrated how much his friends and community embrace and adore him. Everything about this wonderful encounter radiated affection.

In the video below, you can see Michael’s adoption.


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