This Riddle Might Seem Impossible To Solve At First

A riddle may appear to be a straightforward inquiry, but the solution to the difficulty is not what we expect.

We could try to answer these perplexing small questions on a daily basis, knowing that they are meant to make us believe one way while the answer is the other.

When we hear the solution, we frequently question why we couldn’t have figured it out on our own.

That is exactly what you will discover when you solve this one-of-a-kind puzzle. It may appear to be a simple problem to solve, but the answer will astound you.










How did it go for you? Were you successful in obtaining the answer?

The solution isn’t as complicated as you would believe.

If the years are BC, a person who is 15 in 1990 may be 10 in 1995.

That’s true, as we move further back in time from 1990 BC to 1995 BC, the numbers grow smaller.

You now know.


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