Incredible Moment Newborn Twins Holding Hands Right After Birth

There’s no denying that twins have a unique relationship that others don’t fully comprehend. Twins are reported to be able to “speak their own language” and converse without the need of words. If you had any concerns about this link, images of newborn twins clutching hands immediately after birth could persuade you otherwise.

They clasp their hands together and entwine their little fingers at just a few hours old.

Celi recalls the hours leading up to her twins’ C-section in an Instagram post that includes a video of the newborns laying on the new mom’s chest. One of the girls stretches out her hand to her sibling almost immediately. As they take in life outside their joint womb, one replies by squeezing the other’s fingers, and they continue clasping one other’s hand.

Celi, a soon-to-be army officer who graduated with a bachelor’s in nutrition while pregnant with the twins, published the photographs, which have been making the rounds on the internet.

Ceci believes there’s more to her babies’ first embrace than meets the eye. Baby A, who is laying on her mother’s left side, was the first to be born and was the stronger twin who passed all of her pre-natal tests. However, Baby B narrowly passed several tests on her right side. “Perhaps Baby A sensed her sister’s need for strength.”

It’s no wonder that twins had such a unique bond that they were ready to reach out to one other.

You’re incorrect if you think this is a common occurrence with twin births. As the sisters reach for each other and hold each other’s hands, the physicians and nurses in the room are silent. One of the medical personnel remarks, “Oh look at them holding hands.” Another woman can be heard exclaiming, “Oh my my, that’s so lovely.” “Oh my God, that’s going to make me weep,” and “that’s wonderful!” can be heard around the room. “I’ve never seen them perform anything like that before; it’s incredible!”

That’s how: insanely adorable.


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