Mom Photographs Her Own Labor And The Photos Will Amaze You.

Lis Robiso-Wrd is a talented photographer who is committed to her work. She’s so dedicated to her profession that she even documented the birth of her first child, and the photos are just as stunning as you’d imagine.

The California-based photographer, who already has a 9-year-old son, had been trying to have a child for years, but after two MISCARRIAGES, she and her husband decided to give up. When Lis found out she was pregnant, she was taken aback, and the new mom-to-be, ever the photographer, decided to document her labor and delivery experience.

She says the idea started out as a joke, but after some consideration, she decided to give it a shot. “I was very flexible with the plan,” she said ABC News, “I was fairly adaptable.” “If it became impossible, I was OK with not doing it, but fortuitously, I had a really easy birth experience”

She had a kid, and you can see some of her incredible pictures below.

Bravo to her for wanting to take photographs during her birth. It wasn’t easy for her. My pictures would have been grainy, and the camera would have been discarded someplace at some point. The baby is very adorable!

I was startled to see the baby’s eyes open so wide. But what do I know…does that happen frequently?

Is it true that all babies have so much hair? Either way, the baby is stunning! Amɑziпg! I don’t believe there is anything to be concerned about. I’m sure it helped her get her mind off it! Mm, you’ve done a fantastic job!


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