Today’s Challenge: Which Glass Contains the Most Water?

When you were a kid, you had to spend your days at school solving problems.

You sat at your desk all day, working those brain cells no matter what topic you were studying, ensuring that your mind was in peak form at all times.

After school, though, everything came to a halt. Your brain is now mostly loaded with stress from job and adult life.

Laundry, pick-ups, cleaning, assignments, meetings, and anything else in between. Without a sufficient pause, the mind is continuously taxed.

As a result, we’ve created a puzzle that will tempt you to set aside all of your daily responsibilities for a time. Just enough to re-energize your batteries and begin the day with a clear head.

Which glass has the most water in it?
A image of four glasses is shown below. Water and various items are placed in these cups.

The task for today is to determine which glass holds the most water.

Which glass contains the most water?

Are you able to identify which glass it is?

Consider your options and select the glass with the most water.

We’ll show you the right solution below.

This is the correct glass.

Okay, have you chosen the glass that you believe has the most water?

The right answer is as follows.

Solution to the problem

Glass B.

Glass B contains a paper clip, the tiniest of all the items in the various glasses. As a result, there is room for more water.

Did you figure out the solution on your own? In that case, I congratulate you!


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