10 Visual Riddles That Will Test You And Make You Smarter

All you have to do to improve your brain’s sharpness is train it every day. A visual test is an easy method to achieve this. We’ve put up a great assortment of visual brain problems for you to solve. You are developing your brain and accomplishing so much more by tackling these brainteasers!

“In order for your brain to expand, you must constantly push it. This is why taking up a new hobby is so good. It stimulates your mind to learn something new and allows you to grow. Practice makes perfect, and the same is true for brain function. ‘You can’t enhance your memory unless you work at it,” says Harvard Health’s Dr. Morris. “The more time you spend exercising your intellect, the better off you will be.”

You will certainly benefit from today’s selection of brain teasers and mental difficulties. These visual games increase memory, brain function, and attention in addition to enhancing mental clarity. If you’re ready to get started, scroll down and let’s get started!


Visual Test 1 – 10

1. Which fish is different from the others?

fish, visual test1


2. Can you spot the word that is unlike the rest?

words, visual test2

3. Which shadow correctly matches the image of the couple?

couple, visual test3

4. Can you find the number that is out of place and does not belong?

numbers, visual test4

5. Which silhouette lines up perfectly with the image of the woman?

woman profile, visual test5

6. This grasshopper can’t find his matching shadow, can you spot it for him?

grasshopper, visual test6

7. Which word is out of place and does not belong with the others?

words, visual test7

8. Which shadow shape of the snake matches correctly with the little snake himself?

snake, visual test8

9. This beautiful fish is trying to find his matching silhouette. Can you spot it? Only one fits!

fish, visual test9

10. Which orange is unlike the others?

oranges, visual test10


Hopefully, you got all of them correct! Scroll down if you have your answers written down and are ready to compare the findings. These visual test images have the right answers and solutions underneath.



1. Did you find the correct fish?

fish answer

2. The word that did not match the others is:

word answer

3. Was this one easy to find, or a bit tricky?

couple answer

4. The number that is out of place is:

numbers answer

5. The correct woman’s silhouette is:

silhouette answer

6. Were you able to help this little guy find his shadow?

grasshopper answer

7. Spotting this word was a bit difficult:

words answer

8. How did you do with helping the snake find his matching silhouette?

snake answer

9. The fish that matches the shadow is:

fish answer

10. The hardest one for us, what about you? Did you find the correct orange?

orange answer

How many of these were correct? Which one did you find the most difficult? Which is the most straightforward? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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