Today’s Challenge: How many holes does this shirt have?

There are several strategies to maintain your brain in good health. We all want to feel energized, alert, and focused. However, it is critical to maintain those brain cells circulating in order to do so. I prefer to have my morning coffee while working on a few crossword puzzles.

Finding puzzles online has grown increasingly popular in recent years. This is ideal for people who want a little mental tease to start their day.

We require it. Many of us spend the majority of our days staring at a screen and seldom conduct any independent thinking. Of course, the ability to access many brainteasers through the internet is wonderful.

That is, in any event, my solid view!

Finding new puzzles was not as easy when I was a youngster. For daily cognitive teasers, you had to rely on periodicals and newspapers. Every day now, I’m confronted with new problems that I may share with my friends and family.

Such as the one I discovered earlier this week.


What is the number of holes on the t-shirt?

According to numerous websites that covered the next challenge, just one out of every seven adults gets the right answer on the first try.

As a result, I thought it may be interesting to provide you some alternatives to help “level the playing field” for everyone.

How many holes do you see in the t-shirt? The answer could be – 2, 4, 6, or 8!

how many holes

Now take your time and consider it for a few moments.

At first sight, there are definitely more holes than you realize! Allow your brain cells to operate for a bit before making a decision!

However, we’ll show you how many holes there are in the shirt down below!

The right answer is number eight! Or, as we like to call it, alternative D!

We’ll explain how we tallied a total of 8 holes in two separate photos down below!

brain teaser

The shirt has two holes in the front, which is self-evident. Then there are two additional holes for the arms, one for the neck, and one for the rest of the body at the bottom. So there are six holes visible from the front. However, there are two more to come!

It’s also important to remember that a t-shirt has two sides! Because you can see clear through the t-shirt, it’s safe to assume there are comparable holes on the back. So that’s two more holes for a total of eight!


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