12 Mind-Bending Optical Illusions That Will Leave You Dazzled

Because we know you like a good brain-bender as much as we do, we continue to collect the greatest optical illusions available and present them to you.

Wooden bars illusion

Take a look at these wooden railings. They appear to be adjacent to each other or laying on each other depending on which end you look at.

A cube and two identical cups

It’s a Chris Westall ruse. On the table is a cup, and next to it is a cube with a smaller cup atop it. However, when viewed from a different perspective, the cube seems to be a sketch, and the cups are of equal size.

The café wall illusion

The lines appear to be curled at first glance, yet they are all parallel. R. Gregory found the illusion on the wall of a Bristol café, thus the name.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa illusion

The right tower appears to be tilting at a higher degree than the left one at first sight, yet the images are identical. Our visual system perceives the two pictures as pieces of a whole, leading us to believe they are not the same.


If you stare at the white dot in the middle for 30 seconds, you’ll see how the multicolored dots surrounding it start to fade away or change colors.

A ship or an arch?

Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian painter of magic realism, created this illusion as a true piece of art. You can see the arch of a long bridge or the sails of a ship depending on where you look.


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