Doctors Said She Wouldn’t Live Long But This Baby Is A Beautiful Fighter

Delivering terrible news that might have a severe impact on a person’s life is one of the most difficult elements of being a doctor.

Every day, life-threatening diagnoses are delivered to families and individuals of all ages. Nothing is more heartbreaking than informing a first-time parent that their unborn child may not survive the delivery process, much less survive outside the womb.

It’s not often that parents who opt to birth their babies are greeted with miracles. Fortunately for one family, they received a miracle.

Charlotte Yourds was expecting two healthy twin daughters when she found out she was pregnant.

Charlotte Yourds was pregnant with what she thought were two healthy twin girls.

An ultrasound indicated to Yourds that one of her young children will be born with encephalocele during a routine visit to the doctor. Encephalocele is an uncommon brain abnormality that occurs when the neural tube does not fully shut and mature before birth, allowing the brain to protrude into the skull cavity.

During a regular visit to the doctor, an ultrasound revealed to Yourds that one of her little girls would be born with encephalocele.  Encephalocele is a rare neural tube defect in a child’s brain that happens when the tube does not fully close and develop prior to birth, leaving the brain to extend through the skull cavity.


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