“She Is What We Prayed For,” a Firefighter Adopts a Baby He Delivered on an Emergency Call

Life is said to be devoid of coincidences. If that’s the case, the tale in this article can be classified as a real act of fate. Marc Hadden and his daughter were brought together by fate, and their story will most likely surprise you as you read it all the way through.

It was fate that brought them together.

Marc Hadden, the protagonist of our narrative, is a fireman. He expected November 14, 2011, to be simply another typical day at work; nevertheless, it turned out to be everything but.

Marc went to his 24-hour shift as usual, and the day started out regularly. Then, out of nowhere, his shift assignment was modified, and he was sent to the medical unit. His unit was dispatched to a lady who gave birth to a baby girl the next night, Rebecca Grace, whom Marc and his wife would eventually adopt. Marc was the one who gave birth to the child. Marc explains, “It was meant to be that I ended up on this call.”

Grace’s adoption was a surprisingly simple decision.

Marc and his team took Gracie and her mother to the hospital after she was delivered. It was apparent soon after that the daughter would be placed for adoption. Marc immediately “began making calls, asking anybody who would listen for advice on how to adopt Gracie,” he added.

Marc recalls, “It was a long night, not knowing if it would even be feasible.” “The next morning, we found out it was doable, and things began moving quickly.” Grace was taken home 48 hours later.

Grace was adopted into a large family.

Marc and his wife, Beth, already had two children. They want additional children but were unable to do so. Marc was apprehensive about adopting the daughter because he already had two sons. Marc recounts, “It was incredibly terrifying, but also the most amazing sensation.” Grace’s arrival also elicited a lot of excitement from the rest of the family.

“We’ve never looked back, and she’s become an inseparable part of our family.”

Grace, on the other hand, has a special relationship with her father.

Marc explains, “We share the knowledge that we were placed into each other’s lives for a reason.” He strives to spend as much time as possible with his daughter and makes the most of it.

He and his wife made the decision not to keep Grace’s past hidden from her. Marc explains, “The choice to tell Gracie from the beginning was done out of respect for her.” They believed it was only right for Grace to realize how amazing she was. They didn’t want to start their relationship off on the wrong foot by keeping something from her.


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