How Good Are Your Math Skills? Test Them With This Tricky Problem

Almost everyone has always found math to be difficult. Some people are comfortable with numbers, while others are not. Since we all have calculators in our pockets, dealing with math issues has become lot easier. However, some people disliked arithmetic as a child but became interested in math techniques that can be found all over the internet as adults. If you want to solve it, here’s a small arithmetic technique that will force you to think rationally. Consider the problem carefully, and once you’ve finished, verify your answer in the box below.

The Solution

To answer this math issue, you’ll need to revisit one of the most famous school techniques, BEDMAS.

B – stands for ‘Brackets’
E – stands for ‘Exponents’
D – is for ‘Division’
M – stands for ‘Multiplication’
A – is for ‘Addition’
S – and S is for ‘Subtraction’

In this example, we begin by calculating the equation in brackets: 8 + 4 = 2

Then there’s the second set of divisions to consider: 6 = 244

After that, we multiply. 12 = 62

If you’ve forgotten about BEDMAS, also known as The Order of Operations, now is the time to recall it!



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