Home Vandalized By Neighbor After Owners Adopted Children With Down Syndrome

After adopting two children, a family’s house was damaged. The vandalism included hate words directed at two younger sisters following their adoption, but their two younger brothers were unfazed and didn’t hesitate to protect them.

In the year 2011, the family awakened as usual, but when they went outdoors, they discovered something unexpected. The Hollis family was taken aback because they reside in a tiny town in Illinois. Things like these don’t happen very often. When Anne Hollis discovered their house had been spray painted, she was utterly taken aback.

The hate speech spotted on their property included phrases like “Get Outta Here” and “Retard.”

They took this assassination very seriously. They believe it occurred as a result of the adoption that occurred. They had had lately adopted two Down Syndrome kids. This day, Anne claims, changed her life forever. Her 6- and 7-year-old boys decided to produce a video to defend and speak out for their sisters.

They addressed the public with the aid of their parents, demanding that everyone cease using the word “retard.” When the Everyone Matters campaign learnt about their film, they approached them and requested permission to share it. The Hollis family was overjoyed at the prospect of this happening.

The tale quickly spread throughout the internet, with the original video on YouTube garnering over a million views.

The youngsters are seen clutching index cards in the footage. “For Meg and Alina,” the cards say, referring to their sisters. Throughout the rest of the film, they use index cards to deliver their message.

The first card held up says “Realizing,” with the word “Re” highlighted at the start of the phrase. This is being done to draw attention to the word “retard” and to show others that they should not use it when referring to people who have Down Syndrome.

They go on to explain how much their sisters are learning and capable of, and how the term “retard” does not really represent them. They went on to describe their sisters in detail, including their personalities, offering spectators a glimpse into their life. The lads did everything they could to show that preconceptions about Down Syndrome are untrue.

When the boys have completed their cards, the movie displays a snapshot of their entire family. The brothers will now ask whether you are willing to assist their sisters.

They urge the audience to contribute by using love words instead of hateful ones. They wish to share their feelings of love, hope, and respect with others. As you will see towards the conclusion of the film, they make it obvious that their sisters are not “retards.”

Can you believe this happened to their house? It’s unfortunate that this family has had to go through this, but at least they’re making the most of it.


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