Their Ages Add Up To 66 – Can You Solve How Old This Father And Son Are.. ?

The father and son are both 66 years old. How old are both the father and the boys if their ages are reversed?

Knowing this enables students to apply their mathematical skills to various disciplines, ensuring that they succeed in whatever they choose to do in life!

So, having considered all of this, have you been able to solve the puzzle yet?
If you’re having trouble, consider numerals that add up to 66 when reversed.

Are you having trouble finding the one correct answer? That’s because there are three different options!







They are as follows:

The father might be 51 years old, and the boy could be 15 years old.

The father may be 42 and the boy could be 24 years old.

The father may be 60 years old, and the boy could be 6 years old.

Did you or your child figure it out?

Riddles like these are a fantastic way to have fun while learning arithmetic and bonding with your child!


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