Only Geniuses Can Answer These Three Questions Correctly

The way a person responds to the most basic inquiries may reveal a lot about them and what’s going on in their heads. Psychologists employ questions all around the world to determine if a person is a genius or need professional assistance – or both.

We have discovered the three crucial questions that can help you figure out if you’re a Mad Hatter or a Salvador Dali.


1. What is the connection between a kettle and a steamboat?

2. What is the connection between a race vehicle and a tornado?

3. What is the connection between a shoe and a pencil?


Finally, the most intriguing question: who are you?

Don’t worry if you couldn’t come up with answers to these questions; your mental condition is perfectly normal. However, if they turned out to be trivial, you may have a predisposition to psychological issues, and it’s worth getting expert help to make sure everything is in order.

The “contraposition approach,” which is meant to indicate the level of someone’s consciousness, is utilized in this type of examination. When asked, “What do a crow and a desk have in common?” a person with a normal mind will presumably respond, “Nothing.” They are, to some extent, right. These two items cannot be compared in general. Someone suffering from schizophrenia, on the other hand, looks for less obvious, deeper links between the two items right away. People write letters at their desks, and a crow has feathers that can be utilized to write with, they could remark without thinking.

But how can you tell the difference between a true genius and a schizophrenic? The difference is that the former would respond to such queries right away, but a genius will have to focus, eliminate the first, most apparent, and least fascinating thoughts that spring to mind, and come up with a really unique response.


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