4 Fist Shapes That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

It only takes a few minutes of observation to learn more about someone. The body may tell a lot about your opponent’s inner self and assist you in communicating with them.

We recommended to doing a quick test in which you form a fist and pick the one that best matches you.

1. Thumb on top

2. Thumb inside

3. Thumb to the side

4. Thumb turned upward


What’s your type?


1.Thumb on top

You’re most likely the most active person on the planet. You’re always on the lookout for fresh information and impressions, attempting to take in everything at once. You don’t have time to sit in front of the television.

You’re a selfless person who is constantly willing to help and comfort others. You go above and beyond what you say, and this, along with your dependability and compassion, earns you everyone’s respect and admiration. You quickly become a recognized leader because you inspire and invigorate everyone around you.

2.Thumb inside

You’re bright and talkative, yet you struggle to make new acquaintances. Those around you may think you’re aloof and gloomy, but when they get to know you more, they discover you’re actually extremely tender and vulnerable.

You have an uncanny ability to discern the source of any problem and how to fix it. You’re astute and astute, and your vision is typically the most exact. You make sound judgments.

Precision and deliberation work in your favor, yet you might overwork yourself and get nervous at times. That is why you want someone who can comprehend you without saying anything.

3.Thumb to the side

Your slogan is “everyone selects their own road,” and your path is generally the most difficult. You’re a realistic and sincere person who knows what you’re worth. At the very least, your backbone is titanium.

Your fear of failure, on the other hand, typically inhibits you from taking risks: it’s the only thing that can shatter your confidence. As a result, you frequently require approval and praise.

Your friends like your genuineness, dependability, and wit. Those that are around you feel safe in your presence and are always glad to have you around. Remember that with the help of your loved ones, you can do anything.

4.Thumb turned upward

You’re humble, but knowledgeable and adaptable. You have a fast imagination that creates a plethora of seemingly inconceivable concepts.

You like traveling across the world and, even better, you have the resources to do it. Even yet, you may find it difficult to focus on a certain task since you want to know everything.

Everyone else regards you as a walking encyclopedia and frequently seeks your counsel. However, on the inside, you’re extremely private, carefully selecting your entourage and only offering the most useful counsel to those who have been chosen.


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