If You Solve 1/3 of These Riddles, Tell Your Friends You’re a Genius

To be bright and healthy, our minds require regular training, just as our bodies require strong and muscles. So let’s give your grey matter a CrossFit workout and see whether you can be dubbed a champion. Although some of these puzzles appear to be straightforward, don’t get too comfortable since others may contain a twist. Anyway, let’s see if you can solve all of them.

  1. Who is a poor person?

Both of these ladies are unmarried, but one of them has been impoverished for a long time and just robbed a bank to pay off her debt. Can you figure out which one it is?

  1. Can you come up with three words?

  1. What path should he take?

A severe storm erupted when a guy was exploring the South Pole. He discovered two caverns where he might seek refuge, but one cave was home to a hungry polar bear, while the other was loaded with radioactive garbage. Which of the caves should he go to?

  1. What is the location of the exit?

A princess has been imprisoned in a tower. She discovered that she could get out by using the fourth door. However, there are just three doors. How will she be able to locate door number 4?

  1. Can you come up with three words?

  1. Which of the exits should he take?

A guy has been apprehended, but there are three methods for him to flee. Angry dogs guard one exit. The second contains a bomb with a 5-minute timer that has already started. The third is guarded by an armed guard. Which one should he pick?

      7. Which elevator is the safest?

Tom received a message informing him that a serial murderer had just entered his building, and he decided to flee. While he was waiting, two elevators arrived to Tom’s level at the same time, each with a man who appeared to be suspicious. Should he use the first or second elevator?

  1. What’s the matter with this image?

  1. Who is the one who is lying?

When a businessman arrived at his workplace, he discovered that some crucial documents had vanished from his desk. Three persons were suspected by police, and each of them claimed that they had not even visited the workplace. Who is telling the truth?

  1. How did he manage to get away?

A man was kidnapped and imprisoned in his home. He might escape by one of the house’s four doors. Behind the first door, the temperature is exceedingly low, and he would freeze to death. Behind the second door, there are several extremely hungry sharks. Poisonous gas is present in the chamber behind the third. The sun on the fourth planet is so powerful that it burns everything. How is he going to get away?

How many of these were correct? Tell us about it, and make sure to share it with your friends so they can compare notes.




Here are the answers:










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