Eye Test: How Many Pencils Do You See?

The problem answer to the popular “how many pencils do you see” quiz challenge may be found in this page. The challenge has gone popular on social media, and its origins have been traced back to eye exams.

Although the image of the pencils stacked in a perplexing manner may perplex the observer, the key to unlocking the answers is simple observation and careful attention to the colors. The “eye test how many pencils are there” is another method of determining the number of pencils in a picture by attentively inspecting it. The colors of the pencils are also important in calculating the number of pencils in the picture and hence the outcome of the task “eye test how many pencils are there in this.”

Once you’ve identified the colors and patterns, you’ll be able to count how many pencils there are. You can even use a rough drawing to help you figure out the order you’re counting in so you don’t get confused and can find out how many pencils there are quickly.

Here’s the correct solution if you’ve sorted out the numbers:

  • There are 18 pencils that have been piled horizontally at the very center.
  • Another 18 pencils are piled in a vertical arrangement at the very center.
  • Another set of 18 pencils has been arranged in a diagonal pattern, with the erasers pointing to the left.
  • Another 18 pencils are placed diagonally with their erasers facing right.

So, how many pencils do you think you’re seeing now?

Is it 72?


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