Why The Number of Men Wearing Makeup Is Growing Today

Throughout history, men have worn nearly as much makeup as women in various times and locales. They then came to a halt at some time and for no apparent cause.

Since then, makeup has primarily been associated with women, actresses, television personalities, and pop or rock singers, particularly in the Western world. However, during the last several years, the pattern has shifted.

Today’s men are increasingly applying cosmetics. This is why.

Some of the most well-known cosmetic firms have recently launched men’s makeup collections, as you may have seen. Perhaps you’ve also seen some new goods that are specifically aimed towards males. The reason for this is because men wear cosmetics, and corporations perceive an opportunity in a largely unexplored and increasing market.

What is the origin of makeup?

The problem is, this isn’t the first time a man has worn cosmetics. Eyeliner was worn by ancient Egyptians. In the 18th century, both the British and the French used white powder on their faces, among other things. The difference here is that both sexes had nearly identical makeup.

Females did not begin to apply cosmetics on a regular basis until the 1920s. As people began to migrate farther into cities and dating changed from home to out in the city, there was a greater demand placed on women to be seen desirable. They were the ones with the money, therefore they needed to find a man who would take them out for a pleasant night out or a beautiful meal. Women started using cosmetics to seem more appealing and achieve this, and it rapidly became a “women’s thing.”

Lisa Wade, a sociology professor at Occidental College and the author of the textbook Gender: Thoughts, Relationships, Organizations, was interviewed during a debate on how this doesn’t make economic sense. If a company sells to both men and women, they theoretically have double the earning potential. In this situation, however, “gender ideology” was more important than “benefit.”

This is how she explains it: She goes on to say, “Gender is all about sustaining the concept that men and women are different.” “Anything we do that weakens distinctions is a direct danger to men’s superiority.”

In today’s culture, however, the table appears to be spinning quicker and faster, and more guys are using cosmetics.

Why Do Men Use Makeup?

More guys are wearing cosmetics for a variety of reasons. For many of the same reasons as women, TV broadcasters and performers have been doing it for years:

– It also improves the appearance of your skin.

– Makeup will help you seem younger by concealing imperfections and emphasizing your best features.

Pop Culture Is Influential

Makeup for guys gained popularity as a result of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Queer Eye became famous. Drag Race showcases guys executing incredible makeup tricks in order to become drop-dead gorgeous drag queens. Johnathan VanNess, a stylist and beautician on Queer Eye, teaches individuals about skincare, especially straight guys, and how to utilize cosmetic products to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Gender Fluid ‘Toxic masculinity’ has received a lot of criticism in recent years for being, well, toxic. As the lines between what is “masculine” and what is “female” blur, more men are discovering their capacity to pursue activities that have traditionally been considered “for women.”

Of course, this includes fashion, grooming, and cosmetics. Generation Z is at the vanguard of this change. They are more gender-fluid and more approachable than any previous generation.

There’s a lot of pressure on us right now.

For decades, women have been under enormous pressure to seem perfect and youthful at all times. Everything is wonderful: flawless skin, gorgeous hair, and a great figure. Males’ stress levels have been growing in recent years, which is why more guys are turning to cosmetics.

Some people dislike cosmetics because they believe it imposes unrealistic standards on women’s looks. It reinforces the idea that women must modify their looks in order to be deemed beautiful or desirable in society, that they are not good enough as they are. Instead, they are informally obliged to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year in order to be deemed suitable and honorable.


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