Mother Cow Chases After Her Stolen Calves In Heartbreaking Video

Cows and humans appear to have a lot in common when it comes to forming strong mother connections with their offspring.

As a result, they’d go to any length to safeguard them. So, based on the content of this movie and the facts provided above, you can imagine how desperate and forlorn this cow felt when she was taken from her babies.

A sad video uploaded by the New Zealand-based animal rights organization SAFE shows a frantic saw running after her young calves as they are being taken away in a cage.

There are no more information regarding the video or the animals’ outcome. After receiving the footage from a concerned citizen, the group decided to publicize it.

On dairy farms, cows are treated in a humane manner.

Unfortunately, this type of circumstance occurs frequently on dairy farms, where farmers force caws to become pregnant against their will in order to produce milk.

But their ordeal is far from over. Furthermore, their calves are taken away from them only a few days after birth. Caws are genuinely exploited by their handlers, and when they reach the age when they are no longer useful to the farmers, they are killed.

The caw’s body breaks down and ages more quicker than it would in the wild because to the repeated cycles of breeding and nursing. Animals in factories have been seen to develop at an excessively quick rate when compared to how they would grow if left alone. A dairy cow, in fact, should live for around two decades. However, in the above-mentioned circumstances, they live for an average of five years.

The SAFE organization’s Facebook post

Concerning this, the SAFE group issued a statement on Facebook. They said that around 2 million calves are slaughtered as waste in New Zealand just a few days after birth. It’s a pity that these lovely and sensitive animals are abused on dairy farms.

Given their curiosity, sensitivity, and ability to develop deep ties and friendships with the other cows in their herd, it’s truly tragic that they are subjected to so much misery. People must recognize that cows are quite similar to dogs and humans in general, according to the group. As a result, they should be more attentive of how they are treated.


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