People Wear Jewelry Made With The Teeth From Their Dead Loved Ones

We all cope with the death of a loved one in different ways.

Although some individuals need longer to come to grips with the loss of a loved one, others go on with their lives by finding unique methods to honor those who have died.

Who is the designer of this unique jewelry?

Those who are offended by Jacqui’s unique approach to jewelry design have already nicknamed her a “mass killer,” “grave robber,” and even “Ted Bundy’s Jeweler.” Grave Metallum Jewelry creates mementos from the deceased’s teeth, hair, fur, ashes, and bones for their loved ones to wear.

Jacqui, 27, has always liked crafting items with her hands, but her work took a darker turn after her closest friend died abruptly.

“Creating something beautiful with the macabre was my newest fave”, she told

“As I dealt with the grief of my loss, my preoccupation with mortality and how humans cope with death intensified”.

However, not all customers are upset. Jacqui stated, “A friend gave me many of her teeth and requested me to build a necklace out of them.”

A customer from the United States also placed an order for a ring to propose to his girlfriend. He showed a tooth that had been removed during a dental procedure.

Jacqui’s orders are never thwarted by customs since human hair and teeth are lawful to purchase and sell all around the world.

What are the options for ordering and how much does it cost?

Customers work with her to create their creations before giving her the items they want incorporated.

“They’ll give me whatever they want, like a tooth, hair, ashes, or fur,” Jacqui revealed.

Depending on the design, her orders take two to four weeks to finish and cost anything from $250 to over $1000.


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