Lace Shorts Are Here for Men This Summer

For a long time, men’s fashion was somewhat uninteresting. While women enjoy a wide range of designs in various ensembles, males were limited to well-worn suits, coats, socks, and other items. Men’s clothes designers are beginning to vary their designs, as fashion is a method for individuals to express themselves. But keep in mind that the distinction between fashionable and unfashionable clothing is frequently a question of taste. As a result, when new men’s fashion designs are released, not everyone will be on board. This is certainly the case with Hologram City’s lace shorts for guys, which are developed in Los Angeles.

Men’s New Lace Shorts

People are putting their jackets at the back of their wardrobes and bringing their shorts to the front as the weather warms up. However, Hologram City discovered a design flaw in men’s clothing: lace. Men’s lace shirts are already on the market, but what about lace shorts? Lace shorts in pastel colors that are see-through. That is unquestionably one method of allowing the skin to breathe in hot weather.

Hoza Rodriquez, the proprietor of Hologram City, created this set for one of rapper Cazwell’s music videos. Cazwell and four other males are dressed in bright lacy pants and shirts. They aren’t the first to wear it, either. In 2013, Versace and Gucci both featured male models wearing lace. In addition, Hologram City has designed for other celebrities such as Ciara, Miley Cyrus, Jordyn Woods, Fergie, and Jennifer Lopez’s backup dancers.

Hologram City is known for its daring and exposing party clothing, but opinions on these lace shorts for guys are divided. They’re $42 each and come in pastel purple, blue, pink, green, and yellow colors. Matching lace button-up shirts are also available. The colors aren’t chosen at random. Many individuals applaud the firm for offering more “feminine” hues for its male clientele.

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The Reaction

Twitter, of course, had a lot to say about the new craze.

“I’m not sure where these new Power Rangers will go…” remarked one of the users.

Another user said, “I could almost — ALMOST — comprehend ordinary Bermuda-type shorts with a lace overlay.” “However, the males’ tighty whities can be seen through these.”

“Men’s lace shorts?! “You guys have to chill with this stuff, man.”

One reader noted, “The problem isn’t that they’re “for guys”… even if they were designed for women, I’d still despise them,” while another concurred, writing, “Agreed.” The chafing, the excessive vision, the matching with high white socks…there are so many issues that have nothing to do with gender.”

However, not everyone was opposed to the notion. “This will be endorsed by Jayden Smith and myself,” one user stated.

“I’d love to see my guy in these!” said another. “Isn’t it much better with contrasting underwear? Yes, absolutely. Pastels for everyone.”

Many individuals feel that when it comes to men’s clothes, designers should be more daring. After all, fashion is a form of self-expression, and men are entitled to more choices. After all, men’s skirts and, more lately, rompers are already available. Equal rights apply in both directions. Furthermore, many individuals believed that lace shorts for men may work with a little adjusting.

“I wanted to write something along the lines of ‘well, equal rights,’” one individual wrote. “Or something like that. But then I noticed something”. And it was as though lightning struck. It’s a pair of lace shorts. Despite this, they feature roomy pockets. How can the fashion business be so unjust?” It’s difficult to agree on this one. Perhaps designers might take a page from men’s clothing to provide to women as they recreate “feminine” ensembles and lace for guys. The importance of pockets cannot be overstated.

Men’s Rompers

Men’s rompers, like lace shorts, had a mixed response when it came to recreating “feminine” ensembles. As it was, a large number of passengers were on board and a large number were not.

The creators of the RompHims, ACED Design, were unconcerned about the criticism. “It was extremely amazing to see so many people supporting the Kickstarter [campaign], said a spokesperson. We knew the product was something we’d wear, and we’d had great early feedback from a diverse group of individuals who tried it out, but we didn’t expect it to be that popular right away.

“As with any new trend, there will be advocates and detractors, but we plan to use the input to keep creating unique apparel. All that important to us is that the people who wear the RompHims are confident and at ease in their own skin. That’s all part of the pleasure of dressing up.”


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