Kind Young Woman Saw Boy’s Sad Face After He Learned He Couldn’t Afford Shoes, So She Bought Him A New $180 Pair

A compassionate young woman saw a little boy’s face fall when he learned that a store didn’t have any basketball sneakers within his budget and decided to purchase him whatever pair he chose.

Tinyia Frank went shopping at the mall over the weekend, looking for a pair of shoes to match the clothes she’d recently bought. She went into Champs in Warren, Ohio, and spoke with a salesperson about her needs.

A courteous small kid moved away from his father and asked if it was okay to ask the salesperson a question while he was assisting her.

Tinyia remembered, “He asked the man if they had any basketball shoes under $75, because that’s all he had.” “He kind of lowered his head and appeared saddened to say it, not in a rude way or anything, but sad since it was all he had.”

Tinyia watched the boy’s face sink when the clerk told him they didn’t have any basketball footwear in that price range. She struck up a nice discussion with him and inquired as to why he needed the shoes before he could go away.

Jordan is the boy’s name, and he is a fifth-grader who is a member of a traveling basketball team. Tinyia, 19, is a college student who also works part-time, and she understands how difficult life can be for the youngsters in Warren.

Tinyia informed Jordan that he could choose whatever pair of basketball shoes he liked and she would purchase them for him. She just requested that he email her a photo of himself wearing them during his first game in exchange.

Tinyia subsequently revealed, “We have one of the worst rates of overdoses in the country in our city, and we have nothing for the youngsters.” “They took away our youth centers, our dance teams; nothing gets financed. So when he told me he was on the traveling squad and couldn’t afford the shoes he wanted, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him since that’s how I was raised: “If you have it, give it to people.”

Jordan looked for the right pair of footwear for 30 minutes, and Tinyia demanded that he purchase the nicest ones he could. Tinyia didn’t mind that he picked a crimson pair of LeBrons, which cost $180.

She explained, “If I was going to purchase him some shoes, I wanted him to have what he loved.” “Money is just money,” says the narrator. “That isn’t to suggest it isn’t significant. For my money, I put forth a lot of effort. [However], I’d rather forego my 15th pair of shoes and give it to a young child who plainly only had one.”

Jordan’s father was taken aback when he learned what was going on, and his eyes welled up with tears. He thanked Tinyia and asked if she would pose with Jordan and his new sneakers for a photo.

Tinyia posted the photo to Instagram with the accompanying caption:

“So I’m in the mall, and a little kid walks into CHAMPS asking about basketball shoes and if they have any under $75, and the clerk says no, and the little boy’s face DROPS,” the post reads. “So I ask the child his name and what he needs shoes for, and it turns out he’s on a basketball team and is in desperate need of new sneakers, so I told him if he emails me a photo of him during his game, I’ll buy him whatever he wants, and his father nearly collapses.


Tinyia’s kindness ensured that a little fifth grader not only left the store with the shoes he desired, but also with an example of compassion that he would most likely remember for the rest of his life.


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