A Teacher Ran Out Of Days Off To Stay With His Cancer-Stricken Daughter, So His Kind Colleagues Donated 100 Days

When a history teacher ran out of sick days to care for his cancer-stricken 16-month-old daughter, his colleagues rushed to his rescue.

David Green is a history teacher at Huntsville’s Mae Jemison High School and the father of a lovely newborn daughter called Kinsley. Kinsley was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of ten months and has been undergoing therapy ever since. Doctors are hopeful that she will be cured of the illness within two years of starting therapy.

Kinsley’s therapy requires regular visits to a medical institution 100 miles away from home, and she relies on her father to accompany her when he can. David wasn’t sure what he was going to do when he ran out of sick days to use to care for his kid. David is only allowed one sick day per month, which is insufficient for anyone who becomes ill or has to care for a sick family member.

David and Megan Green projected that he would require 40 days to assist with Kinsley’s care. With no other choices, his wife turned to Facebook to see if any of his coworkers would be prepared to give a sick day to assist them.

“David is officially out of sick days at work,” they said in their post. “We want him to be able to be with us in the hospital while Kinsley is undergoing chemotherapy, therefore if you are a teacher in the state of Alabama and can give a sick day, we would be grateful! Kinsley is the biggest daddy’s girl and needs him here as much as possible, therefore any contributed days would be very appreciated so she could spend time with her Daddy.

Kinsley will continue undergoing Leukemia treatment through the end of the summer, and perhaps until the start of the school year next year. So there’s still a long way to go! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated”.

When David’s coworkers learned of their grave predicament, they came together wonderfully and donated 100 of their own personal sick days so that David could care for and be with Kinsley.

“We were astounded by the outpouring of support for the sick days”, Kinsley’s mother, Megan Green, stated. “We were hoping to get a couple days so he could come here once a week.” “It is a tremendous blessing, and we can’t wait to be in a position to give back and assist others.”

Wilma DeYampert, an assistant principle at another school in David’s district, noticed the post on Facebook and made a kind gesture by donating two sick days to help. She had lately been diagnosed with cancer and could only contribute what she could.

Wilma stated, “I could not picture having a kid and being away from the child.” “I simply believed that was the proper thing to do,” she explained. “You don’t have to be wealthy to bless someone, my mother used to say”.

“You want to give words of support, you want to do something to assist,” another teacher, Anna Kachelman, said, “but this was a genuine tangible method that we could help him and his family.”

Our beloved teachers’ ability to take time off during unforeseen events or emergencies is almost difficult due to a combination of limited sick days and poor pay. Almost half of all teachers do not have access to retirement benefits. Education is vital because it directs and assists in the shaping of our children’s lives and thoughts. It is important that our instructors are properly supported and cared for.

When word of Kinsley’s health spread online, people wanted to help, so David and Megan put up a GoFundMe to help pay for Kinsley’s medical expenses. Megan expressed herself as follows:

“ETA: We’re blown away by the number of shares this post has received! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! While sick days are still our top concern at this time so that we may all be together, many people have asked about alternative ways to assist, so I’ve included some suggestions below if you aren’t a public school employee:



Kinsley’s gofundme was flooded with donations from all around the world, well exceeding their intended goal of $25,000. Their tale is a great illustration of how generous and compassionate instructors and individuals all across the world can be.

Share this story to help raise awareness and funds for Kinsley, and let’s hope for a speedy recovery for her.


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