Let’s Cheer For This Brave Toddler Who Is Celebrating After Beating Stage 4 Cancer

Each kid is entitled to a pleasant existence filled with huge laughter and grins, as well as worry-free enjoyment: a life devoid of pain. Molly Hughes, who is 21 months old, had a difficult start in life, fraught with anguish and grief.

Molly was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2017 and has since gone through five rounds of chemotherapy, two stem cell transplants, and nearly indefinite rounds of radiation. Molly’s loving caregivers and family recently rejoiced: the lovely little Kentucky toddler is cancer-free!

Chelsea Hughes, Molly’s mother, just received some of the best news she’s ever heard: her daughter’s test results revealed that she had no evidence of cancer in her body.

Chelsea explained, “I just like dropped to the ground once I got off the phone and I just embraced for her for like five minutes.”

“We were really ecstatic”. Chelsea added, “She’s joyful and playful and just doing regular things again, but we still have to be vigilant.”

Molly was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare kind of cancer that originates in specific nerve tissues, when she was just four months old. Chelsea added that by the time physicians had conducted tests and discovered the disease, it had spread “pretty much throughout her entire body.”

Chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, stem cell transplants, and radiation were all used throughout the brave little toddler’s 15-month treatment. Little Molly developed hearing loss as a result of one of the chemotherapy treatments, and she now requires hearing aids.

“All we can say is that we’re grateful she made it through all of that therapy. It was difficult. She became really ill”. Chelsea stated, “The therapies are simply so hard on (children’s) bodies.” “I don’t believe people know… how difficult it is.”

Molly’s family stayed with her in the hospital for more than 130 nights during her therapy. Molly’s 4-year-old brother, who is temporarily residing with their great-grandmother, found the experience to be a challenging task as well.

Little Molly has showed everyone that her perseverance and brilliant grin are stronger than any cancer will ever be, despite having suffered so much at such a young age.

“After each therapy, she would simply bounce back. “It would knock her out for a few days, but then she’d be up and about playing,” Chelsea, her mother, explained.

Molly will take a new prescription drug over the next two years in the hopes of preventing a relapse.

Bathing Molly was a difficulty in and of itself throughout her therapy since she had an IV in her chest that couldn’t get wet. Chelsea stated that her kid adored and had a fantastic time playing in the water despite having a chest IV. And now that she is cancer-free, she may swim around as much as her little heart desires without fear of harm.

Molly and her family are going on a beach vacation to celebrate the amazing good news of her recuperation, and Molly will enjoy her first taste of swimming.

Molly is now out of the hospital and back at home with her loving family, where she is savoring every minute.

Chelsea explained, “She loves being outside from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed.” “She’s so crazy, so full of energy, and she just loves doing what a baby should be doing,” says her mother.

Molly’s family couldn’t afford her therapy, so they put up a GoFundMe campaign, which has almost reached its initial target thanks to the wonderful generosity of people all around the world. Little Molly now has the opportunity to start a new life free of cancer, and we wish her nothing but love, health, happiness, and serenity.


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