Mom Asked Her Daughter What She Was Doing Standing On Heart-Print Paper: “I’m Sending Love To The World”

Shannon Kishel questioned her daughter what she was doing in the hallway of their Denver, Colorado house when she noticed her standing on a piece of heart-print paper.

Shannon stated in an online post, “I wanted to share this event that happened in our house… since it provided me a feeling of calm tonight.”

Her daughter was standing on a sheet of paper with many small hearts on it, with her hands over her own lovely heart. She informed her mother that she was spreading love and peace to the entire globe in order to “make them pleasant.”

After witnessing how many people are hurting across the globe, and how many people are disputing and fighting with one another over their views, this precious young girl decided to send her own sweet loving energy out to everyone, to assist humans and monsters alike.

Thousands of people were affected by this little girl’s pure heart on the internet.

Mindy M. commented, “Bless her tiny heart.”

Patti H. remarked, “THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.”

“She’s far older than her years!!! Wow, you have incredible empathy!!” Sabrina C. wrote.

“Tell her it’s working,” says the narrator. Ena J. authored.

“Wow, this is really adorable! It makes me want to take a deep breath, close my eyes, and think about all of the things for which I am grateful! Thank you for sharing this lovely image.” Terry K. authored an essay.

Lyn K. commented, “Brings tears of pleasure to my eyes.”

“These should go viral; it’s great sentiments like this that the world needs to hear!” Melissa L. remarked.

“Oh, my God!!!!” Shirley S. said, “Tell her to keep praying to the skies for her sweetness.”

Nicole V. said, “Just felt her love and serenity in Lehigh Valley, Pa. giving her love and peace back.”

“A while back, I wrote a poem about how we need to keep an eye on and listen to the youngsters since they are arriving with more open hearts and spirits”. Roxann C. commented, “What a wonderful little child.”

“Oh, my soul!” Verena V. said, “What a treasure.”

“I appreciate you sharing. This simply pinched my heart and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What a sweet little darling.” Noelle A. authored an essay.

“Definitely an old spirit reappearing at the perfect moment! She will be required by the planet.” Marcia L. wrote.

“Tell her that the love she sent out made its way to New Jersey, and I am so thankful that I was able to carry it on,” Hilary B. wrote.

“And a little kid will lead them… She has a compassionate and intelligent heart! A powerful message for all of us!” Zada T. penned a letter.


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