Bride Has Her Wedding Gown Cut Into 17 ‘Angel Gowns’ For Babies Lost Too Soon

We all know that the bride wears her wedding gown only once and then keeps it in her closet for the rest of her life. Many women are following a new trend, and instead of keeping their wedding gowns, they are repurposing the material to make Angel Gowns!

The bride’s wedding gown may have sentimental value, but it may be replicated and worn many more times.

Brides aren’t keeping their wedding gowns any longer, but are instead repurposing them! They re-create bridal gowns to pay tribute to those who died much too soon! Anger Gowns are the name of the gowns.

Wedding dresses become Angel Gowns!

Many ladies chose to donate their dresses so that they might be made into angel robes. They were adamant about not storing the bridal gown in a box for the rest of their life.

These replica dresses are intended to express respect and comfort to families who have lost babies before their due date.

More information about the magical and emotional tales behind these gowns may be found below.

Inspirational techniques to reuse your wedding dress.

Quilting is a Facebook community dedicated to quilting. Justi Bates told a great tale there.

She uploaded a photo to a post. One lace-trimmed dress was featured in the image. The small garment was layered on top of a box containing more of the same.

“I received my wedding gown back today,” she remarked. ”I sent it out to be turned into angel robes for babies who don’t get it home from the hospital earlier this year, and I’ll be giving them to Vanderbilt’s NICU. My dress was turned into seventeen tiny dresses, and as lovely as they are, I hope they will never be required.”

Angel gowns are created for tragic events, for burying newborn infants!

These gowns are used to clothe prematurely born babies who died soon after delivery.

A newborn may not have many clothing, and they certainly do not have any clothes or other items that will help the parents cope with their loss.

For these dire times, a few services across the globe make angel robes.

Rather than purchasing a clothing for their child’s funeral, several hospital NICUs provide angel robes to bereaved families.

The small gowns are frequently constructed of recycled wedding gowns, although they are made of fresh material.

The emotion associated with the bridal gown and the decorations on it is the source of this idea. The garment is fashioned with joy, and perhaps this can help to alleviate the parents’ sadness by bestowing joy on their kid.


Lace, silk, or pearls are used in almost every bridal gown. The significance of the unique occasion is reflected in these items.

Even if the kid died far before their time, when the youngster wears it, it symbolizes how precious and adored the child is.

The bride’s gown is large enough to be divided into several smaller gowns.

Special Ending!

You might be able to see that in one bridal gown – they make 17 tiny ones. However, the outfits are embellished with various materials. Clothing styles for girls, boys, and newborns of all ages are also available via the services. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.

It’s a simple decision for the bride to donate her gown for makeover. She’ll never wear it again. It’s a different thing unless she wants her daughter to wear it at her wedding.

Donating the wedding gown will make you happy since you will know that you helped someone who was going through a tough period.


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