This Grandpa-To-Be Shows His Son How To Bathe A Baby By Using A Cat As An Example

Parents have a responsibility to teach their children a variety of vital life lessons, from the most basic, such as how to tie your shoes or fry an egg, to the more difficult ones, such as how to accept love, treat others with kindness, and stay loyal to yourself, among others. It appears that these teachings occasionally include teaching your children how to wash a newborn child. And using a cat to demonstrate it.

This Vietnamese grandpa-to-be came up with the perfect tutorial on how to bathe a newborn

This Vietnamese grandpa-to-be recently went popular on the internet for devising the most brilliant and endearing technique to educate his son how to bathe a newborn child. Vinh Quang Phm, his son, posted a video on Facebook showing his father performing the technique, albeit he’s pretending to bathe a cat instead of an actual infant.

A guy named Vinh Quang Phạm shared a video capturing his dad showing him how to bathe a baby using a cat as a dummy

In the video, the father demonstrates the entire process to his kid, explaining each step along the way. Surprisingly, the cat appears to be in complete relaxation throughout the movie. It nearly appears to be aware of its role in the presentation.

In the video, the father demonstrates the entire process to his kid while also explaining each step.

“Hold the neck and then place your hands on the butt cheeks for a stronger hold. According to the Daily Star, the father says in Vietnamese, “Hold his butt and set him down in the basin.” The father emphasizes the importance of keeping the baby’s head supported at all times.

Surprisingly, the cat remains calm and unfazed during the entire film.

The grandpa then places the hairy baby on his lap and shows how to wash a newborn’s head. In the video, you can see him gently rubbing the cat’s head and spraying it with a small amount of fictitious water.

The video currently has over 47k likes and over 11k comments

The video quickly went viral on Facebook, where it now has over 47k likes and over 11k comments. This charming presentation appears to be adored by people all around the world.

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