Woman Given 3 Days To Live at Birth Graduates Medgar Evers College

There are certain stories that are worth repeating because they are so inspiring, and this is one of them. Despite being given only three days to live, this lady beat the odds. Continue reading to discover more about her remarkable accomplishments!

This girl was given 3 days to live

College graduation is a difficult task for everyone. The majority of us have attended schools that have taught us (hopefully) how to function as university students. However, some people are born with a significant disadvantage, making life far more difficult than typical.

Nekhidia Harris, then 24 years old, graduated from Medgar Evers College in 2019. Despite the fact that her mother had been informed she wouldn’t live more than three days. Despite being given only three days to live, she is still alive and well! Harris struggled in school since he was diagnosed with various physical impairments and fragile bones. However, this did not prevent her from achieving her objective of graduating. She needed many operations and suffered numerous fractures and totally broken bones, but nothing ever could keep this tiny lady down for long.

I’m ecstatic, and I’m in great shape. It feels great to have completed my bachelor’s degree in social work after all of my hard work and long, often sleepless nights.”

“I was like, wow, oh my God, this is really, really happening and I thank God every day,” her father, Michael, said.

Against the odds

Due to her fragile bones, doctors projected that the kid would not survive and that she only had three days to live. They didn’t expect her to survive for another 24 years after being given only three days to live. Even though she is still alive, they could never have predicted that she would earn a bachelor’s degree in social work! Harris has always kept her sights set on the goal and wants to continue her studies at York College in Queens through the Master’s degree.

Harris stands slightly about two feet tall, about the same height as a typical toddler. Having said that, she has been warmly welcomed into her school and has received excellent treatment.

“No one looks down on her, no one treats her differently since she is the same height as them.” Harris’ father remarked. “She brightens up a room with her enormous personality, regardless of how dark the space is.”

The next steps

“No one has treated me any differently than everyone else, and they’ve all been quite nice to me. I use my brain as if it were my height, and I’ve stuck to it. And I’m sure I’ve used my intellect as a measure of my stature.”

The girl who was given three days to live is a role model. Harris is the founder of a non-profit organization that inspires young children with impairments. She is, however, understaffed and unable to complete the task alone.

“I enjoy assisting others, particularly children. I also have a voice, and I adore children, therefore I will utilize it to help them. Children appear to enjoy me and draw toward me, so I want to assist them in any way I can. I believe it is due to my height.”

Harris, who goes by the alias Nikki, is well-liked in her neighborhood. She is also the creator of the Harris Family Vision Foundation in Brooklyn. The organization focuses on providing schooling, housing, and treatment for any impairments that impoverished children may have.

“The foundation aided me in my decision to pursue a degree in social work since I enjoy assisting others and it is in my blood to give back, especially to children. Children naturally draw toward me because they perceive me to be similar to them. ‘Oh my God, she’s the same size as me,’ they exclaim. And I am convinced that this is my destiny.”

Harris says she has always adored children because they are drawn to her as much as she is to them, and she believes she can relate to them better than adults her own age. Her next goal is to get her Master’s degree and continue working as a social worker to assist as many children and adults as possible.


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