Touching First Day of School Photo Showing 8-Year-Old Comforting Classmate Goes Viral

It doesn’t take much to help the people around you. It is the small gestures of goodness that can have the greatest effect. It may take something as simple as a word of encouragement or personal contact to get people where they need to be, and it is that simple act that can make a significant difference.

It is said that we are not born with hatred or distrust in our hearts. It is a concept and a behavior that we grow and learn from personal experience. It always amazes us when we come across stories of individuals who have shown kindness and we’re feel motivation to do the same.

An arbitrary act of kindness to a complete stranger can help restore our faith in humanity and improve our prospects for the future. The positive benefits of kindness do not end there. Experts believe that people who donate generously reap both physical and emotional benefits. This means that kindness to others through actions like this helps to make us more rounded as individuals and as a society. That’s why parents should teach their children from early age to be friendly and helpful.

Kindness for kindness sake

A random act of kindness by two Wichita elementary school students, Connor Crites and Christian Moore, went viral on the Internet and gave us all a lesson in compassion.

Everything happened on the first day at school. It was just before dawn at Minneha Elementary when Moore saw Connor crying, took him by the hand to help him walk to the building. At that time, Christian did not know that Connor was autistic and was struggling with language. “Proud of himself, Moore saw a child crying on a ball in the corner, so he went to console him, grabbed the outraged classmates by the hand, and walked back to the school building with him”, mother said.

A far-reaching effect

It is an honor to have raised such a loving and compassionate child. This is not the first time Connor has been in this situation, according to his mother April Crites in an interview with KAKE-TV in Wichita. His condition has made her fearful that he could become a target for other children.

“I was afraid the day would be like, that everyone’s laughing at him because he can’t talk, laughing at him because he’s not sitting still and he’s jumping up and down and banging his hands, “ April said.

Once the news of what Moore was doing to her son reached her, she re-posted the picture on her Facebook page, and the comments that followed made her sad, with comment: “ this warmed my heart. I’m happy because this little angel was so king with my boy”.

In an interview with Today in April, she was not surprised by the first day of school or how well her son was doing, but he still needed time to settle in. She never thought students of his age would be there at every turn.

I couldn’t believe it when I was told today. The fact that Christian Conner could console himself with such a simple gesture was great. I wouldn’t have done that. “I started crying when I saw the picture. Anna Crite said her husband, who was crying, shed a few tears when news of the photo reached him.

From the other site, Christians’ mother, Courtney Moore, had a few things to say, telling reporters that her sons marked the beginning of a friendship.

When he saw him on the floor, Conner crying in a corner, Christian comforted him, KAKE-TV reported. We were waiting for the bell to ring and he went to school with Conner. Christian takes Conner’s hand and leads him to the front door.

It was the first day of school and Conner started crying because Moore was helping him and he was so happy. When asked about the incident, Conner gushed: ‘He was so nice to me. They now have an inseparable bond.


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