Abandoned Newborn Baby Dumped In A Pile Of Rubbish Found Alive By The Road, After Man Walking By Hears Her Cries

This event shocked the world. The world is an amazing place, but it is often cruel and brutal. While parenting can be a great boon in life, stories of children being abandoned are always disturbing.

On his way back to his home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a man heard the cry of an infant in a garbage heap. When he approached the old tires, he saw that the baby was covered with a black and red cotton blanket with the umbilical cord still attached to it.


He initially thought she was dead, but when he saw her arm sticking from the ceiling and checking her pulse, he alerted her friends, who called police and emergency services. She was taken to the intensive care unit of Nakornping Hospital, where she remains, and police have not yet identified her. Eric, who visited her in hospital, said: “She is a very happy baby and she’s doing very well”.

“They do not know her exact age, but the senior nurse told me she was sure she was a newborn, less than 48 hours old. They have given her antibiotics and preventive measures for the next five to seven days and she is healthy now. I met a social worker who told me that after she was discharged, she would go to an infant unit near the hospital for three to four weeks. During this time, there will be a government-run home for infants where she will stay while the police try to locate her”.

Police said most of the buildings nearby were private property and they had access to surveillance cameras. They suspect that the mother had an incentive to leave the baby there because she was poor and could not pay her bills due to the pandemic, and because it was an unexpected baby and she did not want to be known. Local people claim that it is not easy to find the people who disposed a baby. Street vendor who work nearby say that it was quiet during the pandemic.

In Thai society, babies are often abandoned due to family problems and problems with unwanted pregnancies. Mothers have no other option when a child needs care, whether from the government, private sponsors or teachers, and many parents do not take advantage of these services.

Pray that this little angel will recover and find a nice home, and congratulate Eric for helping this little one so humanely.


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